Navilyst Medical headquartered in Marlborough, MA, was formed in February 2008 from Boston Scientific’s Fluid Management and Vascular Access business units. Its devices including PASV Valve Technology, expanded line of Xcela PICCs, NAMIC Fluid Management products and Exodus Drainage Catheters help hospitals to achieve safe, favorable outcomes for patients. The company distributes its products worldwide and has its lead U.S. manufacturing facility in Glens Falls, NY.

The name Navilyst combines the navi- of navigation and -lyst of catalyst, encompassing how a leading medical technology enterprise drives industry-changing innovation.

Numerous articles have been written about the spinoff including: “Medical Device Maker Gets New Name” “Navilyst Medical – Boston Scientific Spin-off Aiming to Tap Veins Without Causing Infections” “Newly-Hatched Life Science Company Eyes Expansion”

Boston Scientific is a worldwide developer, manufacturer and marketer of medical devices whose products are used in a broad range of interventional medical specialties.

Combining The Power of PASV® and Power Injection

Now you have the power to redefine patient care with the only power injectable PICC to incorporate PASV® Valve Technology. The Xcela® PICC with PASV® Valve Technology is designed to provide a high degree of safety, ease and confidence in patient care.

Power Injectable
Advanced features such as large lumen diameters allow the Xcela® PICC with PASV® Valve Technology to deliver the power injection flow rates required for contrast-enhanced CTs compatible with up to 325 psi CT injections.

Integrated Design
The innovative design of the PASV® Valve Technology along with the advanced material of the Xcela® Power Injectable PICC offers an advanced solution to vascular access needs.

Confidence in Results
The PASV® Valve Technology design automatically resists backflow, reducing blood reflux that could lead to catheter-related complications.

Confidence in Choice
With the addition of PASV® Valve Technology to the Xcela® Power Injectable PICC, clinicians now have the ability to choose the right PICC for the right patient.

Ease of Placement
Variety of kit configurations
Exact-Length™ Measurement System
Trimmable catheter tip
Enhanced radiopacity
Reverse taper extrusion

Simplified Care and Maintenance
Minimum weekly saline flush recommended*
Use of saline may limit the complications and cost associated with heparin use
Alcohol-resistant material
Clampless extension legs
Freedom to choose your preferred needleless connector

Large Lumen Diameters
Designed to provide greater flow rates at lower pressures
Developed to minimize risk of catheter occlusion
Designed for easier blood withdrawal

Xcela PICC with PASV Brochure
Care & Maintenance Wall Chart
Xcela PICC Brochure
CT Wall Chart

Demonstrated Reductions in Occlusion and Infection Rates.*

  • Located in the catheter hub, PASV® Valve Technology is designed to automatically resist backflow.
  • Printed priming volume and lumen size simplify care and maintenance. Catheter markings at 1cm increments facilitate customization of catheter length and monitoring of tip position.
  • Clampless, alcohol resistant extension tubes are designed to reduce the risk of damage and promote patient comfort.
  • Patented tapered extrusion is designed to increase kink resistance and help seal entry tract.
  • Advanced polyurethane material offers alcohol resistance for durability and convenient care, provides a balance of flexibility and strength to ease advancement, and promotes kink resistance to maintain flow.
  • Tip design is open-ended to facilitate over-the-wire placement. The tip is trimmable to allow adaptation, and the tip marker is designed to permit clear identification of untrimmed catheter tip.
  • Available in kits to accommodate both radiology suite and bedside PICC insertion.

Device Illustration

 Vaxcel PICC with PASV Valve Technology

Device Highlights
1. PASV® Valve Technology
2. Printed priming volume and lumen size
3. Clampless, alcohol-resistant extension tubes
4. Patented tapered extrusion
5. Advanced polyurethane material
6. Trimmable tip

Additional Information
*Burns D. The Vanderbilt PICC Service: Program, Procedural and Patient Outcomes Successes. J Assoc Vasc Access. Winter 2005;10(4).

Federal (USA) law restricts this device to sale, distribution and use by or on the order of a physician.

Vaxcel® PICC with PASV®Brochure
Vaxcel® PICC with PASV®Wallchart